If we talk about the old days than we find that it was difficult to capture good photographs. For capturing good photographs, we need a proper camera and any editing software for your desktop. This also takes your time and you have to learn a lot of things before using a camera to capture photos.

Nowadays mobile phones are invented in the market that are helpful for us in many ways. Mobile phones contain a good camera as well as editing apps inside them. It saves our time while capturing photos. Besides this, a single device gives us all the services including calling as well. Amit Mahendru is considered as the best wedding photographer in Lucknow. In this blog, I am going to discuss some tips for capturing good photo's given by Amit Mahendru. They are discussed underneath.

Tips To Capture Good Photos With Your Phone

Mobile phones these days plays an important role in photography. Many of us learn to capture good photographs with the help of mobile phone devices. Below are the tips given for capturing photos with mobile phones in a proper way.

1.Use gridlines to balance your shot- While capturing photos with your mobile phones, always use gridlines to balance your shot. Gridlines will break down your image into thirds, both horizontally and vertically. In this way, you get nine parts on your screen to focus. This feature in mobile phones will help you in capturing more clear images.

2.Set your camera's focus- Focus your camera on the subject while capturing photos. When you start capturing photo's your camera must be properly focused on the subject. This will give you a clear image. You can focus on the subject by simply touching your phone's screen. A focused shot appears on your screen which is square.

3.Focus on subject- An image will become more interesting when its subject is represented properly. So, it is necessary to get a clear focus on the subject of the image. Because many of the photos includes just one interesting subject.

4.Embrace negative space- While capturing photo's you must keep in mind that negative space should be avoided. Negative space includes all the objects except the subject in an image. If you are capturing photographs in open space than your subject is what viewers get attracted towards. Make sure the subject should be represented properly.

5.Play with reflections- While capturing photographs with the help of mobile phones you must keep in mind that reflections in the area where you capture photographs should be represented properly. As our eyes are drawn to reflections so we love capturing photos in the presence of reflection.

6.Look for symmetry- Symmetry can be defined as the sense of proportion and balance. Photography needs symmetry to divide an image in an equal part so that they look like mirror images.