Time changes many things but some things remain as they are the humans are emotional creatures they rely on emotion with intelligence. Humans have sharp memory, and they can remember everything, photographs, pictures are just tools to cherish those memories , there are some moments that are very special and the moments are very rare to put into a photograph as there is no time to do so that's is what happens in candid photography the chance gets captured by the flow of the shoot and what would have escaped comes into the reel .

Amit Mahendru is in the matter of catching, altering and changing over minutes into satisfaction, through the particular comprehension of supporter prerequisites.

Candid photographer in Lucknow catches fresh and fantastic open photos of your day into a stunningly delightful and amazing glad minute by reporting each tear and chuckling on that exceptional day. He took the snaps in such a stunning way, that at some point you even notice those minutes, he is the truly astonishing photographer.

He brings real photos of the valuable snapshots of life to a wonderful edge. He spends significant time in catching unique events like wedding, birthday parties, pre-wedding and other uncommon events. As a candid photographer, he captures the right moments at the right time.