A wedding is a grand and biggest function and golden for couple life's. A wedding is a joyful act capturing the most important moments for a lifetime and lock it into frames. We understand that the wedding is the most wonderful and valuable thing that happens in everyone's life once a time. Amit Mahendruis recognized as one of the best wedding photographer in Lucknow and help you to capture the real moment for a lifetime. We find the best poses for your photographs and capture your beautiful journey forever, which can help to relive your moment lifetime. We capture each and every single minute detail photograph and capture each emotion of yours and make it forever for you. The soul of Amit Mahendru Photography and Videography lies in images that tell a story with breathtaking details and vivid photography and yet maintain the feel of your special moment.

1) Communication

It goes without saying that communication is key in people photography. From the day you receive the first e-mail from the client, make sure that you stay continuously engaged. Respond to inquiries promptly and keep your clients informed at all times, especially on any potential schedule changes. Portrait sessions are not weddings and there is always a chance that your client might forget when and where the photo shoot is supposed to take place.

2) Ideas for photographing family portraits

Every time you book a new family portrait session, do your best to get to know your client first. Your goal should be to create something unique and memorable, which might not only result in a long term relationship, but will also result in lots of future referrals. And speaking of referrals, pretty much every family I photographed was a result of a referral – I have never advertised my photography services anywhere. By “unique”, I do not mean your photography style or technique – I am talking about bringing out the uniqueness of each family. In the course of your communication with them, find out more about their interests and hobbies. If they hired you as a photographer, it means that this family cares about memories, their children and their relationship with each other.

3) Working with a timeline

Just like any other photo session, you will need to work within a certain timeline. If you are a studio photographer, the time of the day might not matter. But if you are a natural light photographer, considering the ideal time of the day is very important in my opinion. Sure, you can use flashes, diffusers and other equipment to balance harsh sunlight and open up shadows on your subjects’ faces. But I personally wouldn’t trade soft, natural light with artificial light. Not when equipment takes time to set up, plan and perhaps even require an assistant. Why not shoot early in the morning or late in the afternoon instead, when light is softer much easier to control? Best times obviously change with seasons and geographic locations. 

4) Wardrobe selection

Many of my clients ask for my suggestions when it comes to clothing / wardrobe selection, so be prepared to give them some guidance. First and foremost, you want your clients to be comfortable in whatever they choose to wear. Advise your clients to wear something that matches their personality but is not too matchy-matchy with the rest of the family. Remember, that if your clients look good, they will feel confident. Confidence shows in the photos.

5) Location for the photo session

As much as the idea of choosing the location for the session sounds lucrative and easy for you, I would recommend considering what your clients might offer location-wise. Get their input about their favorite spots and advise them throughout your conversation if certain locations may not fit for what you are planning. Scout / check out those locations and give your verdict. If the location your client chose is not in par with what you are planning, suggest a different location. Typically I suggest locations that have large shaded areas with beautiful trees and a location which has an open area for little children to run around. Local parks can be great for these sessions, but if you choose to shoot in a state park or other government property, make sure to obtain a permit in advance.