A photograph is a way to show the most beautiful memory in a person life. But as the many years passes on we only remember the hand details from those times and that was the work of photographers. Amit Mahendru is known as the best candid photographeras he creates gorgeous photos that you can relive for years to come. His nature is being relentless for creativity and quality. Amit and his professional team are always ready to find and capture your most precious moments. After completing many events and doing photography for many production companies also. They formed a team with highly skilled experienced photographers who are trained and skilled in all kind of photography and handed them a camera to capture the best moment for their clients.

Our Working Style

- Through our photography,we tell your story beautifully and highlights the emotions and details that made your wedding day one of the most important days in your life.

- We surprise you by capturing instant and emotion that you have missed in the mayhem.

- Amit and his professional expert team strive to create timeless memories for you which are natural, emotional, fun and which lets you relive your precious moment over and over again.

- We used to travel anywhere in the world to capture your most important day. To capture memories that will stay forever is the main motto of our team.

- Our balance between lights and shadows, hues and color and love and departure, ensures that your big day wrapped up within a single album makes your heart captivate even when you open it years later.

- Amit and his candid photographer team capture the picture that is a fusion of tradition, emotion and a lot of modernization in style.

Amit Mahendru and his team are expert in this field. Over the year, this prolific gift of the team has not only brought their work in much recognition and appreciation but also given them opportunities to shoot wedding nationally. Amit Mahendru is the prominent name in the Lucknow in the industry of photography. He is the best CANDID PHOTOGRAPHER IN LUCKNOW. And he has performed and maintains himself according to the requirement and needs of the clients, and in changing time his work has stood out in front of everyone. Amit is expertise and experience in photography have taken him the best PHOTOGRAPHER IN LUCKNOW. He celebrates your big and most important day with intense enthusiasm and creating fond and wonderful memories along the way is his prime motive.