The best style of photography in our opinion is ‘Candid Photography’ which is getting popular so increasingly in our daily routine life due its formal photographic visuals sense that everyone loves it. Especially in wedding events or other memorable events where professional photographers are being hired for ‘Candid Photography’ just to catch the special moment without any disturbance which makes a picture more beautiful and unique. While candid photography needs more professionalism and experience to get a perfect candid shot. Here are the 10 points to remember while taking a excellent candid shot:

  1. Candid photography is all sudden pictures or images that express the real feeling, if you are a beginner and want to get some candid shots then always carry your camera everywhere you go as suddenly you can see a perfect scene and that needs to be captured by our camera.
  2. Mainly in candid photography you can’t alert the subject while shooting up with a camera therefore as a photographer you should maintain a proper distance and use long zoom lenses which will help you to get perfect candid shots.
  3. In the above paragraph as we said that you can’t afford to alert the subject especially when you are shooting in weddings or other events try not to flash lights of the camera as this may spoil your picture or if there is a dark situation increase your ISO setting and also use a fast lens for quick shot.
  4. Just shoot lots of pictures for a particular scene to get some better images as this technique is recommended by every professional photographer. Switch your camera setting to multiple shots mode and try to shoot in burst of images and in doing so you’ll definitely increase your chances to get excellent shots.
  5. Candid photography is all about sudden moments, therefore you need to perform more strategically and plan your photography according to the event area or if you can just try to visit the venue before the event day and understand at what you will get the perfect shots.
  6. When you try to take people with pictures it can enhance the quality and visualization of shots, although it shows a proper relationship into a shot or even if two or more people are interacting in the shot that can add depth and a sense of story in viewing the story of the image.
  7. Plan your image with foreground elements at some point when you just want some more uniqueness in the picture you can use props and other foreground elements to make it better also like the frame of the doorway.
  8. As we say try to take posed shots in candid territory as one of my favorite times is when other people are taking formal ones, although the main photographer has posed the bride and groom together. This is the perfect moment when you can easily take that candid shot.
  9. Although to get better candid shots you must have a proper camera equipment and better lens and of course you must know your camera very well because then only you will be able to take a perfect shot in any situation.
  10. Lastly, Doing Candid Photography is good but you should respect the subject's privacy too as this is so important because some people don’t like that their picture has been taken by some strangers. It’s better to ask them before or after while publishing the picture.