Gone are the days when weddings were kicked up with rituals and an extended crowd of family members. What present-day couple expects now is a peaceful wedding with close mates around them in a lovely location along with just simple wedding rituals. These are generally called Destination Wedding. However the pre-wedding shoots are additionallyloved by couples now a day. By choosing their right destination wedding venue you should simply gather your bags, arrive at the area and posture with your friends and family.

Below is some famous destination wedding venue that is opt by the couple for their destination wedding photoshoot in north India:

Taj Mahal: Of all, one of the seven ponders on the planet – Taj Mahal starts things out as it is viewed as “Symbol of Love”. Despite the fact that there are a few delightful spots, the Taj Mahal just stands apart with its sentimental view.A pre-embrace photoshoot with this structural magnificence behind you will simply lift the mood and creativity of images. In the event that you are an old school romantic couple, at that point, Taj Mahal ought to be your first decision.

Jodhpur: Situated in Rajasthan, the fortifications in Jodhpur stands wonderful over a few centuries. On the off chance that you need to hold an imperial photoshoot, at that point Jodhpur is the place you should head too.The area, affectionately called Blue City is bound bya giant wallsand amazing perspectives. The silhouette photoshoots during nightfall will be the best thing you can do before your wedding.

Jaipur: The Jaipur Fort is once more an imperial area for wedding photoshoot. Lit with excellent lights during the nighttimes, the spot is an ideal area for clicking romantic images. This historic place is the capital of Rajasthanand will draw out the splendid and excellent pictures of you. The fortifications are able for both day and night photoshoots.Affectionately called the pink city, the Jaipur Palace is an absolute necessity to visit place in any event once in your lifetime.

Gulmarg: - Gulmarg in Kashmir holds excellent scenes with their stunning botanical garden. A romantic photoshoot in the middle of snow coated lake is each of the one can request for the photoshoot. Likewise, the photoshoots in the flower grounds will likewise give out the best snaps. In contrary to the peaceful landscapes,the spot additionally has some adventurous activities for the visitors. This is the best destination place if you are looking for a photoshoot.