Photography is one of the best ways to keep your memories with you; I am living in Kanpur with my parents and got engaged with my fiancée who was living in Lucknow. And both families were very different with each other choice so we were finding the photographer which can fulfill the vision of both the families. Firstly we started searching the photographer in Lucknow and we got lots of options and from those options, we choose Amit Mahendru photography.

And guess what when we searched for the photographer in Kanpur their also we got the Amit Mahendru photography website, we both were quite happy while seeing his website for both Kanpur as well as in Lucknow. We both show Amit Mahendru website to our parents and they all really like the way its gallery showing wedding photography. Everyone impressed while seeing his work, we instantly booked a photographer in Lucknow – Kanpur for our wedding day.

Finally, we were successful in satisfying both our families for photography service by wedding photographer in Lucknow. On the day of the wedding candid photographer in Lucknow did the phenomenal job, we all were just blown away while seeing his incredible work. What a men with full professionalism approach towards photography, we couldn’t have to give a pose or not even he asked us for any pose but still what a fabulous photographs h clicked.

Each candid shot was amazing; especially the pictures candid photographer in Kanpur clicked our guest and families. We must say Amit made our wedding magnificent with his amazing skills of photography. We always keep his work in our album and always rejoice him for his amazing work of art.