According to Amit Mahendru, candid photography is the most difficult and also the most interesting art of photography. Amit Mahendru is the most famous and versatile wedding photographer in Lucknow. He has done plenty of projects regarding candid photography. According to Amit Mahendru, candid photography is not the subject only for professional, candid photography can do anyone and it is the photography who entertains everyone. So if you think that you don't know so much about candid photography so you cannot do the candid photography it is wrong. You can do candid photography even with your cellphone. Nowadays everyone has a smartphone which has a good quality camera so you can also capture candid photos when you are out with your family or you are on a trip with friends. Candid photographs always surprise you and keep you smiling. This is the quality of these candid pictures. It never allows your memory to fade away.

Tips by Amit Mahendru on how take candid images

Candid photography is quite easy for professionals because they know about photography but as per the perspective of fresher candid photography seems a bit tough for them, but in reality it is not. Candid photography is the fun thing and if you are fresher for candid photography and you do photography for a hobby then you do not need to worry at all. In this blog, we will discuss some common points which should be considered for fresher and professional photographers both. The tips are discussed below:-

Use the ambiance: Candid photography is the natural photography or in other words, you can say in candid photography you only get the natural pose made by peoples who are not affected by any extra lighting and background. A candid photograph is good only when it has been taken in the natural ambiance. This type of photograph proves that candid photography has done in the right way without any cheating with art and camera. In candid photography, flashes are restricted because flashes indicate the subject that someone is taking their pictures without informing the so sometimes people get offended on the photographer.

Use burst mode: There are so many mobile and DSLR camera has an automatic mode which captures photo continuously without any pause so it helps a lot to get few good candid photos during any occasion and this mode does not allow others to get suspicious that someone is clicking their picture with telling them.

Prime lens: Prime lens is the best to do candid photography. You can zoom a lot with the help of a prime lens or zoom lens. Zooming feature is very important in candid photography because it helps you a lot to do photography without annoying anyone. It could be possible that you are watching something interesting in crowd but you cannot capture that moment because you are so close to that subject. So in that case with help of prime lens you can capture the photos at some distance by this you will get your picture and the subject will also not bothered by you.