Good photography is something that connects your photos with your heart. When images don’t give us a feel, we tend to ignore them. Amit Mahendru is here to show you how subject selection can seriously change the mood of your photos. But there’s something else that goes beyond this. As you’re going to learn about photography, lighting is just as important and here are the reasons.

• Lighting adds Moods to your images
Lightning can affect your environment where you are supposed to take photos. Put your light on a dim condition and let your object flow into the river of sleepiness and high lightening with a laugh on the face will pour joy and charm into your photos.

Lighting also includes any kind of tone or coloring of the entire scene. In this foggy sunrise, we get a sandy feeling that brings a kind of laziness that makes you want to fall asleep but in a good way. The photo rapidly gets you to think of early mornings just after the crack of morning. Often it makes you think of a late afternoon nap when you wake up just as hits of sunset.

• Best ways to use lighting to bring change into your mood
We take photos in many environments and the photo can only tell us the locations and not the mood if you don’t know how to play with light. Different times of the day will already have a kind of mood, but we can also create our own mood with the use of right lighting conditions to convey a feeling. The key is to capture the light in the right way.

The Best Candid photographer advice you, if you are photographing under dim candle light, you should never use a flash because it covers up the low-light texture of a decent environment and put unnecessary over-lighting into an environment.

As an example, you’re taking pictures in candle lit room. Someone is standing in front of a few candles, and you want to capture the mood. All you have to do is-

Switch to manual mode and take a longer exposure & don’t take the picture on automatic with the flash as you normally do. To get the best result, you need to allow the lighting to do the work for you. As soon as you introduce flash, it literally spoils the mood.

Adjust your shutter speed to create different mood
Shutter speed regulates the lightness and darkness of the photo. In many situations, you don’t even need to create your own lighting. You can customize the mood by adjusting the shutter speed up or down. To make dark looking clouds, try to pick a faster shutter speed.

Your camera gets the less light if your shutter speed is fast and it helps to darken the clouds. Because they are darker, they appear to grip more water. It may look normal to your eye, but in the resulting image, they predict a looming calamity.

According to Candid photographer in Lucknow, Light and mood are integral in photography as they are in our daily lives. Imagine if you are watching a horror film in a brighter environment, there will be no chance of fear but if the light gets darker you would have stuck into fear & remember god. Maybe.