Wedding, the most auspicious and wonderful event in almost every person’s life, everyone has a dream to make his/her wedding so wonderful and with an unforgettable memory. It also gives immense pleasure to know that the guests who turned up had fun at the wedding and remembered all little efforts put in. Indian weddings are celebrated like a festival with full tradition and rituals. At different places and with their different cultures they have a unique style of wedding. Although in some places weddings become more ritualistic for both bride and groom. But as we all know almost every wedding has a similar channel. Thus, every person has a dream to make his/her wedding unique and remembered for years. Here we can help by giving you 15 best innovative approaches to improve your wedding and make it more auspicious:

  1. Your wedding invitation card must be more creative and unique. Personally I am too bored of golden and velvet cards because most of the wedding people do not care about invitation cards and just use this as formality. But to make perfect memories go for creative ideas and let the people appreciate you and your family.
  2. Most of the Indian weddings where brides simply feel nervous on her special day and simple do not care about the special entry. But to make a wedding more special take a grand entry in the wedding venue. As per our experience you can plan your wedding on a traditional theme.
  3. Do not just follow the tradition formally just enjoy every moment because it’s your day. I would suggest you invest in your mandap design as well and make sure it looks fantastic.
  4. For wedding favors just going to buy a fruit basket or food basket for packaging just for a formality really does not look nice. On the other side, just go for creative wedding favors that are packed nicely and as results you will be appreciated more and more.
  5. Especially in Indian weddings it is full of entertainment which makes the wedding more exciting. Why not add some more spice? Just get the popular DJ or some traditional function, music nights and many more.
  6. For a gorgeous looking bride it is just better to hire a professional wedding makeup artist with more experienced and finishing values. Who can also help you to choose your jewelry and other items matching with the bride's dress.
  7. Now most of the high budget weddings are totally depending on the theme which is so exciting and double the fun and excitement. Starting from the wedding couples to the couple family, friend and relative all of them get involved in that particular theme.
  8. Although in every wedding people just remember the food and wedding decoration so it is just important that you must take proper care of that. Wedding decors can be with flowers and other beautiful smelling items which can attract the people in the wedding and they simply cannot resist to appreciating the decors.
  9. Most trendy things in weddings are photo booths which are becoming so common now specially designed for photography. As we know people are not getting crazy about taking selfies so assume that as a selfie point.
  10. If there is a love marriage try to tell a love story by displaying a picture on the entrance gate this is the most unique and personified way that everyone will love it and people would also know how you get started and with a happy ending.
  11. If there is an arranged marriage in which the family gets more involved and arranges all the things then the couple would redefine the entrance with theme dancing or with special effects.
  12. In most of the weddings now after completing wedding rituals successfully couples usually cut a beautiful cake now. There you can order a perfectly designed theme cake for the most special moment.
  13. Be particular while choosing the best catering and food service provider which is so necessary. Especially in Indian weddings where the only things matter is delicious food and here it all goes well then only guests get satisfied.
  14. I understand that on the wedding day couples usually get busy following wedding rituals one by one but do not forget to enjoy your wedding day.
  15. Hire a professional wedding photographer and it is important too because nowadays professional photographers have several gadgets and techniques for unique and memorable photography.