As everyone gets the android phone in their hand photography becomes so easy for everyone. Nowadays people who belong to every generation loves to click pictures with their Smart phones. Nowadays Smart phones are providing you almost every feature you get in the DSLR camera. The photography with an android phone becomes much easy and fun work for the youngster. You will observe almost every tourist to click their selfies and photo of their loved ones by their phones. According to Amit Mahendru a famous candid photographer in Lucknow, phones have enhanced the photography love amongst every person. Now not a single person is untouched from the camera and photography. Now the mobile phone’s company is providing a good quality lens to take high-quality pictures through your android phone. In this article, we are going to tell some tips to those android users who love to click pictures by their camera.

Tips by Amit Mahendru for photography with Smart phones

It does not matter how cool gadgets you have in your hand, but you always need an expert who guides you in the right way by which you can serve better as you serve daily to others. Photos are capturing by every second person but it has been found that there are few who take only cool and eye-catching pictures, it is not because they have a great camera and in their mobile and your cell phone is not that expensive. It is because they know something extra about angles and photography which is making their pictures better than your pictures. So for making you also better in photography, we are going to discussed some tricks below to click cool photos by android phones:-

Lens cleaning: Make sure that the lens on your mobile is clean and it does not have a layer of dust on it. If you see the layer of dust then remove the layer of dust with the help of the soft cloth. After cleaning the lens if you will see the screen through your lens you will get the sharp pictures than before.

Lights: Always use lights or flash during clicking pictures. Use of flash on the bright sunny day cut the over amount light and provide you a cool picture with sharp edges. Lights also very much helpful to focus on the subject and the right amount of light in a picture makes the picture more vibrant.

Pre-plan the shot: If you are going to shoot by plan then you will always have good results and your photoshoot will never be disappointing. You can move and place your subject and experiment different angles to get to know the good angle for your shoot. you can also use a stylish background for your photoshoot.

Camera angles: Try some camera angles. If you know the correct angle for your picture then it is sure that the picture you will click it will definitely cool. You can also experiment with different and weird angle for your photo sometime that weird angels provides you some better result in form of pictures.