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In this blog, we are going to provide what type of props you can use while shooting for the wedding to take some interesting and creative photos.

Chalk Board: You can use chalkboard as a prop to take some happening images. Choose the different colour of chalks, draw pictures, write quotes funny or cute quotes, rather than simply composing long stories. The bride and groom can write praises on the board and it will be an incredible surprise for the couple when they see the photographs after the long-time. You can use this prop only for the bride also with their bride maids.

Photo Frame: If you want to focus on the bride and groom particularly you can use a photo frame to focus on your subject. You can also ask for a couple for a different poses like kisses, holding frames and looking at each other. The main use of this prop is to capture facial expression. Choose a large photo frame with various ancient ornaments. You can take photographs of the couple just holding one or two or three edges.Give them a chance to show their affection and emotion in this setting.

Ampersand: This is one of the most amazing propsof photogenic wedding photography. You can thoroughly consider a variety of thoughts on how to utilize such a symbol on the image. Join it with initials of the newlywed couple and put this prop between them. Ampersand is a general thing as it will suit any wedding photoshoot and will help make exquisite vibes.

Banner: Banner is one of the main prop used in all types of photography to take some creative and interesting images. You can use the banner on backside of the couple writing with some interesting message or with couple photos before the marriage. This will help the couple to refresh their memories and it will help the photographer to capture some creative images.

Smoke Bombs: This will help you to take some colourful images of the newlywed couple. You can opt for smoke bombs of different colour to create a really vivid, joyful pictures.