Being a Wedding photographer, Amit Mahendru acknowledges that stilling only best part from an event is a very tough job. Your photo should be vibrant and you have the forte to click pictures between hundreds of people. Best wedding photographer in Lucknow, , Amit Mahendru has been observed that if you are good in your work and serving your best in the town than everyone will love to hire you. Amit Mahendru clicks your picture according to the flavor of your wedding. Amit Mahendru knows that in Lucknow, we have extensive cultural diversity in traditional customs and rituals. Amit Mahendru understands their duty as the wedding photographer that what picture you wants to see in your wedding album.

What is new and advance in wedding photography?

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Drone wedding photography : Nowadays you have seen the flying drones above on your head during the wedding function capturing your precious moments. It seems so attractive and beautiful. The advantage of drone photography during the wedding is that photographers take so many interesting photos which is impossible to notice most of the people avoids drone and do their work silently, but through a camera installed at drone captures everything. The Wedding photographer also gets an extra angle to click photos. And the photos clicked by drone seem bit extraordinary because it provides you the scene from bird's eye perspective.

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Instant presentation: There are so many wedding couples that ask for showing a slideshow of running live event instead of showing old pictures. Amit Mahendru understands that showing live video is very easy to project on screen but showing live photos of the same day you must have extraordinary forte to showcase your pictures instantly. Amit Mahendru is very much experienced and they know how to perform their work.

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Advanced HD Cameras: We use advanced HD cameras to capture the wedding. We just not only focus on the Bride and groom but we focus every single drop of the smile, the sparkle of happiness and emotion inside the wedding venue, with using advanced HD cameras. Our Wedding Photography team runs from pillars to posts, between gaps and spreads its eye over the whole auditorium throwing attention on every detail and treasuring every bit with Advanced DSLR cameras. We also provide you high definition photos as per your request.