Photographs! It brings back memories at all the time. It’s a piece of art, a treasured memento of happy moments those gone forever. Photographs unfold the story again and again. With years of experience in making smiles and framing memories, we promise not to let go any of your moment uncaptured. Amit Mahendru is the professional and best PHOTOGRAPHER IN LUCKNOW. Amit is amongst the best photographer in the latest photography genre. Wedding photography is the most important and joyful act of recording your precious moment for a lifetime.

Amit and their professional team give the best quality of a photo. Our main motto is to give the best candid photos, in our team we have the best photographer, and even our quality of photo beats other professional photographers in the town. We are familiar with all the aspects regarding night and day photography and provides the best candid photographs to their customers. Over the years, the prolific gift of the team has not only brought their work much in recognition and appreciation but also given the opportunity to shoot the wedding photographs nationally. With their creative and natural inclination and the team’s intuitive understanding of the moment that is most special for the wedding

  • Amit Mahendru with his team of enthusiast ace photographers and cinematography can go beyond their limits just to get that perfect shot of yours.

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  • And painting your precious moment of the day which will preserve those beautiful memories to shares with your close one after a year.

Amit and his photography genuinely touch the soul and have the ability to leave an enduring and beautiful impact on the viewers. And they find the best poses for and the unique concept of capturing the live emotion of every wedding. Because everything changes in life but memories are the only connection of the past. Book your appointment now or call us we not only deal with wedding photography but you can also contact us for pre-wedding photography, candid photography and wedding videography. We offer the best photography service in Lucknow.