Photography plays an important role in special occasions in our lives. Each of us wants to capture those images to make a particular moment memorable. These days people are more interested in capturing images in different trendy ways. So, they are always in search of a perfect photographer who captures images in a trendy way. Amit Mahendru is the best photographer in Lucknow. It consists of a team of professional photographers who are well trained and keep on updating their work. Each of us wants to capture wedding images in such a way that they become memorable. When we look back on those images, they bring a smile on our faces. Amit Mahendru is best in capturing wedding images. In this blog, some of the trendy ways of capturing wedding images by wedding memories are discussed.

Some trendy ways of capturing wedding images by Amit Mahendru

Capturing images with Instagram frames: capture images by using Instagram frames. It makes the image trendy. Each of us is interested in capturing wedding images on social media. Instagram frames gives you an interesting way of capturing images.

Capturing images with Floral Frames-: frames consist of flowers. This type of frame is used for capturing images of a bride during Mehendi as bride wears jewellery of flowers at that time.

Fun signboards images-: Images with fun signboards are in trend these days. Signboards are written in the form of phrases pointing to someone or some situation. These images represent fun among the people on the wedding day.

Use of Quirky accessories: Accessories include hats, colourful wraps, and huge sunglasses. The use of these accessories creates fun while capturing images.

Images with Rikshaws-: Wedding capturing images with rikshaws are in trend these days. We decorate a rikshaw with flowers and proper paint colours so that it become more attractive. It attracts your guests to capture images with it.

Swings Images-: Images are taken by creating some backgrounds that will be decorated with flowers which resembles as pictures are taken in old time.

Images with Balloons-: Images using balloons during parties become trends these days. This represents the happiness inside you. These balloon images attract most of your guests to capture images during the party. These images represent elegant photography.

Images with Colourful umbrellas-: are different ways of capturing images through colourful umbrellas. A colourful umbrella can brighten your dullest day. Capturing images with an umbrella becomes a famous prop these days.