Wedding photography costs more

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Date: 30 April 2016

Wedding photography costs more

“Weddings are expensive” is a pretty popular topic for articles on the internet, and now Consumer Reports is getting in on the action by “revealing” that wedding photography costs more than other kinds of photography. The premise of the article lies heavily on the fact that it’s simply a markup that gets applied as soon as the word “wedding” is uttered, but there’s more to it than that when it comes to photography. The first and most obvious point to be made is that wedding photography is different than other types of photography will help in making your moments great.

How-To: Include Pets in Wedding and Engagement Portraits

Pets are truly a part of my family; therefore, completely understand when couples want to incorporate them into their wedding and/or engagement portraits. While they’re always cute, animals don’t always behave, so here are some tips for making the most of a couple’s pet portrait. Stunning wedding attire isn’t just for the couple. There is no forgetting the fashion for your pet as well. I collaborate with my couples and suggest getting a matching leash and collar or bow tie that will pop in the photos. What is more adorable than a dog in bowtie or a fresh floral collar?

12 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Your First Wedding Photography Job

In martial arts there’s a saying that goes something like “The white belt is the most difficult belt to attain.” It implies that the first step is the toughest—and that can be true of wedding photography, too. That first wedding shoot can be very important, but it can also be extremely tough. So, before you agree to capture someone’s big day, there are some questions you need to make sure you can answer honestly and completely.

  • Are my skills ready for this?
  • How much should I be charging for this?
  • Is my gear ready for this?
  • What exactly am I getting myself into?
  • Am I on the same page with the couple creatively?
  • Do I have a contract in order to protect my client and myself?
  • Have I followed the necessary steps to be conducting business?
  • Is my insurance in order?
  • What will be the final delivered product?
  • Will there be a videographer as well?
  • What happens if I screw this up?

Tips From a Pro: An Introduction to Wedding Photography

As the ones responsible for capturing a wedding day in images, we photographers are under a ton of pressure. To help you next time you’re asked (or even hired) to assume the role, we tapped ten exciting bridal pros for their techniques and strategies for bringing a smile to the face of even the scariest bridezilla. This isn’t about what equipment to buy to shoot weddings. Nor is it about conventional poses, lighting setups, shot lists, or marketing strategies. How do they coax participants into the poses and pictures that will produce a stunning wedding album? And how do they set up the circumstances that allow them to find, mine, and even create that most important of wedding guests: human emotion.

  • Chasing Emotions
  • Importance of Candid’s
  • The Truth About Shot Lists
  • Composition Counts
  • Seeing the Mise en Scene
  • Have an Assistant
  • Develop Yourself

Tips For Shooting a Wedding When You're Not a Wedding Photographer

If you’re a decent photographer, sooner or later someone will ask you to capture their nuptials. While this is a job often best left to pros, you can up your odds of success with a bit of preparation. Here are 25 ways to stay friends if someone asks you "shoot my wedding"

  • DO be clear about what you’re offering.
  • DON’T miss colorful background detail.
  • DO learn the basics
  • DO pre-plan.
  • DO ask what the couple wants.
  • DO know the agenda.
  • DON’T be afraid of high ISOs
  • DO finesse compositions
  • DON’T be shy about directing your subjects.
  • DO follow the smiles.
  • DO capture the beauty
  • DO preset your camera.
  • DON’T shoot with unfamiliar gear.
  • DO get reactions.

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